Frequent Questions

What you can Expect on the Bus

Will I be able to leave my car at the pickup location?

We only have permission to pick-up or drop-off our passengers at our stop locations. We do not own the property. If you leave your vehicle overnight, the property owner has the right to tow your vehicle. It is best to have someone take you to the stop or take a taxi.

May I bring something to eat and/or drink onboard the coach?

We do not allow food or drink aboard our coaches. We will make a short rest and food stop on most of our routes, when traveling more than 3 hours. We suggest having a meal before boarding the coach in either direction. Bottled water is allowed.

Do I have a reserved seat?

Seating is on a first come, first served basis. We cannot reserve seats. However, when re-boarding from a break stop, we ask that you please return to the same seat.

What is the suggested gratuity for the driver?

Gratuities should reflect the service you receive and are at your own discretion. A general guideline is $1–$2 per bag. Porters at the piers should be tipped separately.

What is the cancellation policy?

Reservations are refundable less a $10 per person cancellation fee, if cancelled more than 15 days in advance of a departure. Reservations cancelled at 14 days and less prior to a departure are non-refundable regardless of the reason.  You may purchase optional cancellation protection in case you may need to cancel for $10 per person when you make your reservation. This will allow you to cancel for any reason and receive a full refund (less than $10 protection plan fee), up through 24 hours prior to your departure time for the bus. Cancellation coverage is non-refundable once purchased.  ALL RESERVATIONS ARE NON REFUNDABLE WITHIN 24 HOURS OF DEPARTURE, REGARDLESS OF IF CRUISE CANCELLATION COVERAGE WAS PURCHASED OR NOT. If the departure portion of the trip is used and the return portion is not, the unused return portion of the trip is non refundable for any reason, regardless if Cruise Connection cancellation protection was purchased or not. Cancellation protection is not available for group bookings. ALL reservations must be cancelled via telephone. Please call 888-501-5388. We do NOT accept email cancellations. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS FOR ANY REASON TO THIS REFUND POLICY.  There will be no refunds, credits or discounts for delays caused by traffic, weather, mechanical or any other circumstance not controlled by Cruise Connection by Escot or is an act of God, to include COVID-19 and all other illnesses.

Is it possible that Cruise Connection will cancel my transportation?

If there is a lack of participation and only a few passengers booked, Cruise Connection reserves the right to cancel any scheduled bus prior to departure, in which case a full refund will be issued and would constitute full settlement to the passenger and will terminate all liability on the part of Cruise Connection by Escot and it’s agents. Cruise Connection will not offer any additional compensation if transportation is canceled. No compensation will be provided for alternate transportation expenses, to include rental car, Uber/Lyft charges, airfare or hotel room reimbursement in the event of a cancellation.
Cruise Connection reserves the right to make any changes to the schedule, in any way necessary to complete the scheduled transportation.

What time will we re-board the bus for our trip home from the ship?

On your way to the port, you will be given a boarding pass for your return trip. Please keep it in safe place (perhaps with your cruise documents) so you have it upon disembarkation.

It is important that our passengers understand that the cruise lines give top disembarkation priority to airline travelers. Our passengers cannot board with us for their return trip until all airport passengers have left the ship, so relax and take your time. You should disembark the ship between 8:15AM – 8:45AM in Miami and 10:00 AM and 10:30 AM in Ft Lauderdale. We pick up at numerous ships and terminals and will depart the port(s) once we have all scheduled returning passengers boarded.  Post Covid – Timing in ports may be changing if port operations change.  Please stay tuned!

How do I make reservations?

To speak to a reservationist, please call 941-256-8762, toll-free 888-501-5388 or visit our website at

How do I contact you if I have a problem with my connection?

Anytime our Cruise Connection By ESCOT coaches are in motion to or from the ships, you can reach a staff member by calling 941-256-8762. A dispatcher on duty will be happy to help you.

Do you allow smoking onboard the coach?

No. Not under any circumstances.

Does each motor coach have a restroom onboard?

All motor coaches on our routes have lavatories. However, when passenger volume is low, we may occasionally operate smaller vehicles which may not be equipped with a restroom. However, most of our routes operate with a 30 minute break stop when traveling more than 3 hours.

How far in advance must I be at my stop? Will the driver wait for me if I’m late?

We ask passengers to be at their pickup location 20 to 30 minutes in advance. The motor coach cannot wait for stragglers and will leave at its scheduled departure time, so it is best to be early.

How can I make sure that I am listed on the manifest for pickup?

If you make your reservation online, you can reconfirm with us directly within 48 hours of making your reservation. You can call our office, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM through 4:00 PM, to inquire about your reservation.

Who do I call if my bus does not arrive on time at my pickup location?

You can contact us starting at 6:00 AM, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday or any day we are servicing a cruise ship by calling 941-256-8847.

I am in need of special assistance or a lift equipped vehicle. How do I confirm that I will be accommodated?

If you make your reservation online, you can fill out the special request section, indicating your individual needs. If you make your booking elsewhere, please check with us directly one week prior to your departure to reconfirm your request. Arrangements for an ADA accessible coach must be made and confirmed at least 1 week in advance of your departure. We will carry your mobility scooter, however we must be notified in advance. A signed waiver and release form is required before boarding.

Will you transport my oxygen concentrator and oxygen canisters for me in the luggage bay? I do not need them on board the coach; just during my cruise.

Cruise Connection by ESCOT will carry passengers and their portable oxygenators to their ship on board the coach. Since we are not a carrier of freight, we cannot load and carry items that require storage unrelated to a passenger’s luggage. For safety reasons, we cannot carry surplus oxygen canisters.

Do you issue discounts for groups? How about a special pickup for my group?

We do offer deviations in pick-up route for groups of 20-29, 30-49 passengers. At 50 passengers, the group is usually provided a private bus. Cruise Connection by ESCOT reserves the right to load other passengers on coaches with groups smaller than 46 passengers. No cancellation protection is available for group bookings. Please see our rates page for pricing and for a request form.

Do I need a ticket to board the bus?

No. Cruise Connection by ESCOT operates a ticketless travel system. Each passenger is listed by last name on our manifest and checked in by the driver from every stop location. You do not need a ticket to board however, when you book online, you will receive a confirmation of your transfer information via e-mail.

How many pieces of luggage am I permitted to bring?

We have a very generous luggage policy. Passengers are limited to two suitcases and one small carry-on bag per person. Each bag must weight 50 pounds or under. If you bring more than the permitted baggage, it could result in an extra $25 charge per bag, or even denial to bring the bag if there is no space available for it.

Are the prices quoted based upon round-trip service?

You can view information regarding one-way, round-trip and group rates on our Rates page.

How many stops will we make en route to my destination?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way of determining exactly how many stops you will make. However, your arrival at the port is generally consistent.